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April 5 2010. Northern New Jersey, USA. Exposure to environmental toxins, mold, radiation is a concern and many have had to struggle to survive the effects of such exposure. American R&B, Jazz and Soul artist wanting to be sure she would survive any possible exposure to such health risk agents called Certified Clinical Environmental Hygienist™* Prof J Dumanov. The findings and conclusions.

When legendary Pop, R&B, Jazz and Soul artist Gloria Gaynor wanted to be sure her home was healthy and safe after recent expansion and construction of her New Jersey estate she contacted Prof J Dumanov of subClinical Investigations to study the environmental health of her northern New Jersey home. A thorough and extensive study was conducted for all possible risk factors including toxins, air-gases, both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and biologicals including toxic mold.

After a complete investigation, data collection and lab sample studies, the finalized report found the home to one of the healthiest homes ever and reported the same. The professor admits to being a fan of Gloria says of her hit "I will survive" is one his of his favorite songs of all time. The professor went on to say we see many clients and patients that have suffered the effects and developed diseased and disorders from even low levels of chronic environmental exposures that have become seriously ill, often with one of the cancers, "Gloria's hit is a powerful and inspirational message of courage and strength in times of need and support to those that may encounter life challenges, and especially when it comes to their` health.

"It brings us joy to know that we were able to give this artist satisfaction for all the joy she has brought to billions that have heard her worldwide". After concluding on site study and preliminary review of findings, a period of reminiscing of the works of Marvin Gaye, Isley Brothers, Ritchie Havens and other music performers that brought us all joy that have over the years lived and performed in New Jersey"

Thank You for Your 30th Anniversary Album Gloria! Prof.

Interview by Cynthia Green from NJIE




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It is pathognomonic (highly indicative). The message is that it is about you health - Health is Life. You can not be in a home with any levels of toxins or radiation if you are currently being treated for any disease, health disorder or one of the cancers. A clinically based health investigation is mandatory if you feel better way from home and become more uncomfortable (neuurologically or phisologically) when returning. New constrution often has toxicity from materials and construction methods that expose new owers of very serious risk exposure. A cincially based investigation is necessary for all new constrution if any discomfort is experienced when taking occupancy.