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mycological intitute mold in human habitations
Clinical Guidance


We are an association of basic medical research scientists, doctors (MD), academics, specialists, in medical mycology, immunology, allergology, pathology, molecular biology, toxicology and related clinical research disciplines with a passion to find answers to your unanswered health questions. Our collaborative research has helped and assisted patients and their doctors throughout the US, Canada and the EU.

Our efforts for clients and patients may be fee based, by donation, partially or fully waived, without remuneration (at our discretion and subject to availability) in cases that are of research or academic interest or otherwise for the public good.

Based upon your health status, health history, medical review we may provide you guidance and referral for related medical consultations or testing by * medical specialists for your condition locally and/or nationally.

This guidance is available if you have had one our subClinical investigations. At our discretion we may provide such guidance in select cases for non clients.

For non clients kindly forward your details including age, occupational history, medical history, current diagnosis, test results, any other clinical details, the name of primary physician and email to:ccihContact / call us 24 hours after the mailing of such. We respond to all communications and inquiries in short time when we are available.

Your kind donations are welcomed at

* If you are a medical doctor or medical student (US, EU - worldwide) interested in being part of our international research studies send a letter or note of interest and your CV for consideration for invitation.

If you are a current practitioner interested in patient care for referral please contact us with your area of specialty and your location with contact information. Allergists, immunologists, ENT and pulmonologist are of interest.