for the study of


Instituut voor Studie van Schimmel in Menselijke Woningen

Institut pour l'Etude de Moisissure Fongique dans Habitations Humaines


Mycology in Russia

Forschung Institut für Schimmelpilze in Innenräumen


ISHAM is a world wide organisation that represents all scientists and doctors with a special interest in fungal diseases. ISHAM is an independant society that is non-political and non-discriminatory. It exists solely to encourage and facilitate the study and practice of all aspects of medical and veterinary mycology.






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The Mycological Society of America is a scientific society dedicated to advancing the science of mycology - the study of fungi of all kinds including molds,yeasts, lichens, plant pathogens, and medically important fungi.

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The  Institute  is an international  private not for profit academic educational research society instituted for the study of mold in human habitations. If you have entered this site accidentally please exit now. If you wish to join please complete the membership application below for consideration.

Student Membership:  For those that have demonstrated a commitment to a long term pursuit in the research and study of fungal mold in relation to human and animal health. Submission of  resume or CV required, letter of intent and publications if any.

Associate Membership : Includes our news and research mailing and membership listing.

General Membership: Diplomats of the Institute includes subscription to our publication Fungal Mold and Mycotoxins in Human Habitations , eligibility to enroll in DNA molecular biology seminars and training and to  participate in selected research projects. We also include free related legal consultations from our legal department to professionals. Members and indoor environmental investigators and  related specialists may also submit original study and research  papers for consideration to be published.

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